Service Projects

The Make-A-Wish Foundation® began in 1980 as the result of the efforts of volunteers. Today, the Foundation relies on nearly 25,000 volunteers to fulfill its mission. Volunteers will find a variety of opportunities to contribute their time and skills. Volunteers can work in special events coordination, fundraising, community outreach, Web design, office assistance or wish granting. In return, volunteers have the chance to meet new people, develop new skills and, of course, contribute to a great cause.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Here are just a few of the Make-A-Wish® volunteer positions:

  • Wish Granter: Meet the family and the child, help the child determine their wish, and be a liaison between the family and Make-A-Wish.

  • Community Events Coordinator: Support external fundraising events by staffing, training and managing other event volunteers.

  • Speaker’s Bureau: Spread the work about the good work done at Make-A-Wish to increase fundraising and attract other volunteers.

  • Meet-and-Greet Volunteers: Assist families at airports or train stations as they prepare to depart for their wish experience, or they may greet families arriving in their city.

  • Grant Writers: Help secure grants for the Foundation.

  • Board of Directors: Play an important role in leading the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the members of all our boards of directors are all volunteers.

  • Information Technology: Maintain networks, Web sites and other technology resources.

Who Can Volunteer?

We welcome volunteers with all skills and interests. Typically, volunteers are adults, but there are some opportunities for those younger than 18.

Your Volunteer Experience

We want to make your experience fulfilling, and we appreciate feedback on how we can deliver on that goal. We make you a part of the team through training and guidance.


Internships provide college students with hands-on learning opportunities. Students interested in a career in the nonprofit sector will find a wealth of experience.

Get Started

To find out how you can donate your talents to the Make-A-Wish Foundation or to inquire about an internship please contact your local chapter.

If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities at the Make-A-Wish Foundation National Office headquatered in Phoenix, AZ, please complete our National Office volunteer form.


The Aids Bracelet Project

12 million* children in sub-Saharan Africa are orphans because of AIDS.  Some live with elderly grandparents.  Some have been taken in by neighbors.  Many live in child-headed households.

What can an American do to help these children? Plenty.  The AIDS Bracelet is simply a way to link those who have much with those children who need so much.  You can make a difference today.

The Aids Bracelet Project is a grass roots effort to help ordinary, caring people work together to make a difference in the lives of AIDS orphans.  A simple bracelet--made by women in Africa who support orphans or AIDS orphans themselves--is a tangible expression of concern.  Churches, schools and other groups offer these African bracelets to individuals for a donation of $20.  Those who wear the bracelets tell one other person about the AIDS orphan crisis.  The funds gathered go to support four outstanding charities working specifically with AIDS orphans in Africa--Compassion, International Justice Mission, Opportunity International and World Vision.

Each bracelet is handmade in Africa by an AIDS orphan or a woman supporting AIDS orphans.  Each bracelet is truly unique.  Red stands for AIDS, which has devastated Africa.  Yellow represents hope.  Green is for the abundance we as Americans can share.  Order your bracelets today:  orders@aidsbracelets.org  Be sure to send us your name, address, and number of bracelets.  Questions?  info@aidsbracelets.org

Help a Military Spouse


With no end in sight to the hostilities in the Middle East and around the world, WAHMfest™ has teamed up with home businesses and local merchants to create the Help a Spouse fund. We recognize that the brave men and women of our Armed Forces face many dangers and hardships while they are deployed, but we think that the brave spouses who "soldier on" without their mates deserve some recognition, too.

With that goal in mind, they have created Help a Spouse Care Baskets. Each basket includes a variety of treats, including a relaxing body wash and body sponge, a scented candle, hand cream, chocolates and more. (Read a Herndon Connection article from 2004 on the Care Baskets.)

How can you help? Here are some options:

  • Nominate a Military Spouse for a care package. As we raise the funds for each care basket, a new name will be randomly drawn and the basket will be sent out. (Please note: due to shipping regulations, the nominee must have a stateside address. Unfortunately, we cannot accept APO addresses at this time.)
  • Share this information with your friends and families -- especially those you know who are currently deployed. We would love to have soldiers nominating their loved ones for a gift basket so we can send special wishes along with them.
  • Sponsor a gift basket -- or several. Your name and special note with your personal wishes will go to a chosen military spouse. Baskets are one (1) for $25.00; two (2) for $45.00; or three (3) for $60.00.
  • Can't sponsor a whole care basket but still would like to donate toward the cause? Click here.

Are you a business interested in sponsoring Help a Spouse Care Baskets?
E-mail  for information regarding business sponsorship packages.

Questions or suggestions? Please contact directly through e-mail at execdir@wahmfest.org or by phone at 1-800-466-0294.

If you have a service project that you'd like to post here, please email it to
info@beyondthebend.com with SERVICE PROJECTS in the subject line.




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